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Monday, November 20, 2006
  The Last Big One

When I was in final year of medical college, and I started to appreciate more of the medicine that I saw in the hospital, I started enjoying it a lot more. During this time, I would practically live in the hospital, staying on late, although we were not required to. I loved interacting with patients, learning from doing and being in that general environment where very smart people working together towards a common goal. I learnt a lot faster by doing and observing than I did from reading the same stuff from books. Now, after the interminably long Step 1 prep is over, and I’m well into my Step 2 prep, I I’ve reached a stage when I’m heartily sick of reading stuff directly from books and learning stuff that way. I can’t wait to go to the hospital again and learn in the context of brutal 12 hour days. I can’t wait to be done with these exams.

Inshallah, this Step 2 will be the last exam in my life where I will have to lock myself up with the books for several months at a time. After this, my learning will come from patients, seniors and consultation with the books on matters I am unclear about. The learning process will move from theory to practice. Besides the fundamental paradigm in the method of learning will be the new company I’ll keep. I’ll be actually working with real life people, and not staring at dead paper all day long, in a room by myself.

Studying for hours and hours, month after month from books is no longer working for me. I’m just pushing myself the last mile for the Step 2 exam. After this, I’ll never have to go through this torture again for as long as I live. I will use books, of course, but not as intensely as I am doing so now. Not ever again, thank God.

amen to that DP!
y dont u start working in a med school as an instructor.all our instructors were new grads preparing for steps.there r a lot of private med schools around ur area too.i m sure it will help u with ur prep ,getting locked up with books all day can drive one crazy
I know what you mean about really enjoying yourself in the final year when you finally start to understand things! Hope your Step 2 goes well inshallah :) Its icky having to be stuck indoors studying all the time!
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