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Thursday, November 16, 2006
  The Hudood Law Amended
The Hudood Law pertaining to rape has finally been amended at long last. Previously, if a woman was raped in Pakistan, and sought to seek justice from the police, she needed to provide 4 male witnesses to the act to prove the charge. If she failed to do so, she would be charged with adultery and locked up in jail. This is such an obviously perverted misinterpretation of Quranic law, I cannot imagine how it was ever introduced by sane people in the first place. As Musharraf rightly said in his speech to the nation last night, it is something to be deeply ashamed of.

We Muslims have allowed our under-educated, ignorant religious leaders to romp over us for too long. As expected, the bearded ingrates of the MMA are strongly protesting the amendments, claiming that they will turn Pakistan into a “free-sex” society. They believe the Hudood laws on rape should have stayed the way they were. I shake my head in anger, shame, and bewilderment that people like this should ever have found their way to parliament.

I think it’s important for mainstream, practicing Muslims to come out and say that more often then not, the ostenable “religious leaders” of the Muslims do not represent the sentiment of the masses. Whenever Muslims bash the mullahs, they seem to be the ‘liberal extremists’, who are usually Muslim only in name, having rejected the religion for all practical purposes. I think it’s time that Muslims who do pray regularly, and who do hold their religion to be an integral part of their identity to come out and say loud and clear that most of the time, the mullahs are not speaking for them at all. We should acknowledge that the mullahs do not hold an absolute grip on our sentiments. We are not obliged to follow their lead. We should acknowledge that the religious education they receive just like other parts of the education infrastructure of Pakistan, is simply not good enough to warrant the degree of power they assume for themselves when they are done with their studies. People like the MMA, who oppose the amendment to this bill, who claim it is done on the behest of the US, who claim it will increase promiscuousness, are either shockingly displaced from reality, or are outright hypocrites, beating the war drums just to gain some political leverage.

There is no excuse for their position. I don’t just disagree with these people; I hate them and everything they stand for. May Allah punish these corrupt Mullah bastards for all the damage they have done to our society. Amen.
amen to tht bro.totally agree with u.the islamic laws asks for four male witnesses wich clearly indicates tht it ws supposed to be against ppl who hv sex in public not wht the mullahs hv interpreted it to be
im very impressed by your post. as a non pakistani and a non-muslim, i thought the masses of muslims thought the new law was bad. glad to know i am wrong. this really shifts my impressions. thanks.
@Anonymous: If your interested in what other pakistanis have to say about the amendments, check out the comments sections here http://pakistaniat.com/2006/11/16/pakistan-women-rights-bill/

The above site lists the various satellites and cable providers around the world from which one can access the English language version.
That was my comment...
you have no right to undermine the religious knowledge of these "mullahs" just because you have a typical Pakisani MBBS from some college. I can equally pray that May Allah curse you for degrading the Jammah for which Allah has said that His hand is upon the Jammah and they will never be lost.
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