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Saturday, October 28, 2006
My Step 1 result came back a few weeks back. The score was lower than I was hoping for. I got an 85, when I was hoping for something more than a 95. I was disappointed but didn’t stay down and out about it for very long. To be honest, I was just glad it was over and I didn’t have to study all that useless junk again. Step 2 and everything after is more clinically oriented and hence a lot more interesting.

The story of my result deserved a few entries here, but I had just fallen out of the habit
writing anything down here. My result seemed to have been displaced by the USPS, and I had to wait an excruciating 5-6 days before it finally turned up. It was an incredibly tense time for me and one that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. The result finally arrived about a month after I gave the exam. I hadn’t started studying anything till then, despite previous lofty goals (and Aya’s incessant urging) of starting on the 15th of September. I was impossible to concentrate, with the result pending. I certainly didn’t “relax” much during this time, I was just freaking out all the time, wondering what would happen. After the result came out, I spent a lot more time trying to truly relax. I watched all 5 seasons of 24 back to back. It was quite an experience and took up some 2 weeks. I loved the show and was totally addicted to it. Ramadan was here and as we all know it’s tough to study much during Ramadan, although I did give it a go and got something done. Now that it’s over, I’ve finally gotten into the groove of studying, but I feel kind of weird. For step 1, I had a great deal of impetus and drive. So far for Step 2, I feel like I’m going through the motions only. That worries me, because I need to score well on Step 2 in order to help compensate, in as much as that is possible, for my Step 1 score. I plan to give the exam in the 3rd week of February. Thereafter, I’ll be going to the US to give the Step 2 CS exam, the third and final exam needed to get my ECFMG registration. That will be in March, and the plan is to get externships after march all the way upto October in order to get the much coveted US Clinical Experience to put down in my CV. I’m hoping a good Step 2 result, certification before applying to the programs, applying early, and USCE will make my application strong enough to see my through.

Will write more later.
Yay!! for the return of the lost DP...:)
hello..nice to c a fresh graduate..well infact a doctor...here is blogsphere..
didnt have time to read the blog..but will soon..inshallah... zada khushi isis liay huee k m one too..am preparing for my USMLE1 aswell... all the best
Hey congrats DP!
good to hear from you again.

GL for all other steps.


hey, what type of residency are you aiming for? if you are looking at the primary care specialities (IM, FP, peds, ob/gyn) your score is fine. you should be able to get into a mid tier university program. if you are aiming for something more competitive, you really need to rock step 2....95+ for sure. i remember asking you awhile ago why you are spending what seemed like 1 year preparing for step 1. you mentioned that the education system is different in PK as are the focus of many classes (micro etc) so you had to had to spend a lot of time. my suggestion is that 6 months - 1 year is way too long for such a test as the usmle. for step 2, dont prepare for more than 2-3 months maximum. the test requires short term memory and if you are studying for months on end, you will forget much. also, do tons of practice questions. good luck
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well good to see someone else in my shose. Allthough my CK is in April couldn't get an earlier date. Any who good luck to me and u and all the students who are preparing.
Hi, i was wondering if anyone here has any info about how one can apply for an Externship please.

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