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Monday, September 04, 2006
  The days after
Sorry for not writing earlier guys. I had problems with Word for Blogger and I just can’t write anything unless it’s on Word.

First off, I’d like to thank everyone for being so supportive since my last post. I feel much better since I last wrote and I’ve put the exam behind me and gotten on with the serious business of enjoying myself for a little while until I start my CK prep. I also have to single out Aya for all the support she’s given me during my entire prep. She would be the go-to person when I needed to whine or when I felt terrible, which was often. If I score well in this exam, I’ll owe a lot to her for it.

A friend of mine called me yesterday. He was my senior in college and a good friend of mine. He did very well in his own step exams and during the time I was there in college, he always brusquely stated that if I don’t do well in the steps, he was going to kick my ass. He had a lot of expectations of me. I was afraid to talk to him because I thought he’d be terribly disappointed in me if I told him about my impressions of the exam day. However, he just laughed when I told him and said that when he left the exam, he honestly thought he had failed (he got a 94 in the end).

In any case, it doesn’t matter… time to move on and regale you all with thoughts of my brilliant reflections on Life, the Universe and Everything.

These days, I’m competing for the world’s laziest slob position. I’ve been doing little but watching movies, reading Zadie Smith’s On Beauty, and playing abandonware computer games. I would have wanted to travel, and go away somewhere, but alas, in my impecunious state, this is not an option. I plan to watch some classic movies during my free time now. I just went through The Lord of the Rings again. I have the Back to the Future trilogy on my desk and may watch it for the 5th time. I’m going to get The Godfather trilogy and other Al Pacino movies as well. I’ve also had long walks in Capital Park on the cards before, but I’m feeling so lazy these days, I can’t seem to get around to getting my butt out of the house (unless I’m driving to get a movie).

Keep coming, DrPak is back and I’ll be writing far more frequently now.
good good.
yar i recommend scarface and Dog day afternoon if you like pacino.
Nothing wrong with being a lazy snow with the right movies .. if I may add one more Pacino flick Serpico is perfection, and of course you get to see both Pacino and De Niro in Michael Mann's Heat
u can polish your culinary skills!:)
awesome news, i know youll do good, if you were not smart, how would you get a mbbs degree.
movies, wow, lotr was an awesome epic.
Battle of Algiers!
Pah with the movies I say. Parsec 47 is where it's at:http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~cs8k-cyu/windows/p47_e.html

I wish to know the abandonware you play w/ links.
@uzer: I've downloaded many abandonware games. Two good abandonware sites are http://www.the-underdogs.info/ and http://www.abandonia.com There are lots of others too, just google "abandonware" and they'll pop up. I've played Monkey Island, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, KGB (VERY highly recommended!), the Police Quest series, Heart of China, and lots of others. It's great fun!
Good blog will come again...
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