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Sunday, July 23, 2006
  Never in Pakistan
I don’t follow the news as much as I am used to, being caught up with my prep, but it’s impossible to ignore the situation unfolding in the middle-east. I usually flip to Sky News when I’m having lunch to catch up with the latest situation. I must say, Sky News is a refreshing change from the CNN and BBC bull$hit I have been used to seeing. It asks the difficult questions and gets a very middle-eastern perspective on the situation siding squarely with the civilians who are caught up in the crazy conflict.

This conflict has literally exploded out of nowhere and there is every danger of it spreading. Every time I switch the TV on, things seem to have gotten worse. Syria and Iran are separated from this unholy mess by only one degree of separation and if Iran gets involved, God knows where this will end.

Musharraf commented on this situation in his speech to the nation recently where he almost disdainfully said a nation this can only happen when a nation is weak. He said this could never happen with Pakistan. I agree with him there. Pakistan is not so bad off that another country can simply attack its capital as it pleases without any repercussions. It seems incredible to me that Israel is bombing the hell out of Lebanon without the Lebanese being able to do a damn thing about it. There isn’t even any talk of the Lebanese Army, if it exists at all. It’s as if Lebanon is a helpless baby, completely unable to defend itself. I can understand the disdain in Musharraf’s voice when he commented on this, and for this I’m happy we’ve got an army that would never put up with this sort of abuse.
and an ameen to that :) may our country always be safe from all things bad! about Lebanon, a terrible situation with no end in sight if the news media is to be followed.. :( ask mercy for all Muslims from ALLAH SWT.
I can't believe they are doing nothing either.
I suppose Pakistan is lucky its not next to an israel..it's not like the Syrian Army for example is chopped liver..its just weak by comparison.
very right! There are times when our president makes sense ;)

As for no one will attack issue.... i dont agree... one of the things pakistan has by virtue of location is the strategically being in the middle.. that, in it self, is a very good reason.. should someone soemday decide.
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