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Friday, July 21, 2006
  My ears... oh my ears!
Well, it’s Friday again, and we all know what that means – well, for me anyway. It means the mosque near my house will turn on its loudspeakers at full volume and line up a bunch of little kids who’ll take turns shouting naats out to the rest of the world in scratchy, brass voices. The assault has started here and it’s relentless. One kid gets off, and another comes on. The voices range from exuberant to mournful, but in all cases, and I mean ALL cases, the product is nothing but noise pollution. I don’t see the spirituality in this exercise.
ha ha...I bet it won't bother you so much once you have kids...the sound scared me at first ha ha...and then it started sounding pretty..and I liked them even more on Friday's when the little kids did it ha ha. I just imagined how excited and happy and nervous they must be and when they finished, I felt happy for them that they'd accomplished something so wonderful :)...not that anyone would ask me, but I could never do that ha ha..those are some brave little kids
The mullahs have tarnished the image of Islam to what an extent. Even the commenter above had to laugh. What a bad time.
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