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Thursday, July 13, 2006
I’m going through a mini-panic attack right now. My Step 1 exam looms every closer and I’ve got so much left to do. I’ve constructed a time-table for myself, of what needs to be done, and how to divide my time till the fateful day on the 30th of August. It may seem like a lot of time to you guys, but to me, it feels like the exam is tomorrow and I don’t know anything.

Do remember me in your prayers. As some of you, who have been reading this blog for a while know, this exam is a very important one for me.

I’m going to just ignore what needs to be done in the next month and a half, and just concentrate on what needs to be done now, today. I have to get better at blocking stuff out and keeping my nerve under pressure.

Ah, what a life I lead…

hey doc,
i can understand ur feelings,n i can understand the stress that u r going thru,but i wud like to suggest u sumthing.....try tab dormicum HS in morning start ur time table as u ve decided,ull b fresh in morning n happy n less stressed,
2ndly a reality face the reality n if u ve in ur fate to clear the exam u will clear it
good luck brother! :)

is -blogging- under your timetable?
dont delay it this time.u ll do just fine
I hear ya DP...I hear ya!
Praying...inshallah you'll do great!
Nose to the ground DP..after that all you can do is let fate take you where it may. Inshallah I am sure you can do it..

p.s: stay away from wikipedia and the news for a bit.
@sarah: Dormicum is pretty strong stuff. If you're using that stuff, don't make it a habit. Maybe just twice a week if you really need it.

@aatif: I'll be blogging, but I don't think I'll have time for those deep, insightful commentries you guys are so used to... hehehe

@Rai: No, I don't intend to do any more postponing.

Thanks for your good wishes guys. And keep praying. Zak I think you may be right about the news and wikipedia thing.
Set yourself a schedule and don't forget to schedule some kind of relaxing activity in the middle and at the end. Those exams are tough but insha'Allah you will be fine. I'll keep you in my prayers!
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