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Monday, July 24, 2006
  Great weather
The weather here is absolutely gorgeous. I can see the margalla hills from my window looking clean and ‘washed’ after the heavy downpour we had last night. Everything looks green and fresh and I’m in a great mood. Study is going well and the view outside my window is amazing.

I hope Moiz is getting some of this kind of weather over in Jhang.
Ah! (and this is the sad one) moiz got just two very brief showers (by Allah mian's standards) and would crtainly like a few more come his way.
thanx man :)
hey stranger...sorry abt teh long absence...but have had stuff of my own to deal with...

ps. Im back...
Assalamu Alaikum,

Keep at it bro. You have what six days left if I'm not mistaken? It's a tough, terrible time but I know things will work out for the best Insha-Allah. Keep working, and keep praying (as will we).

Wassalamu Alaikum
Moiz, take a look at this immediately:


make sure u take a look at the top where GIYUS ppl have celebrated their successs...blog blog man abt this...

also take a look at my post regardin this...
24th july? thats teh day it was nice and kool, i landed in islamabad that day
The very very best to you for tomorrow Insha-Allah
hope u do gr8 on the test
hope ur exam went well...mail us and tell us all...
best of luck with your exams!!!!!!!!!

InshAllah u l score a perfect 99!!!!
Good luck for your exam, drpak! If you've already had it, hope it went well!
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