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Friday, July 21, 2006
  Dazed ramblings...
Just a thought that occurred to me as I was studying, you know how the mind wanders…

Samuel L. Jackson is the King of cussing. No one can cuss like him when he’s in his element in a scene. So for absolutely no reason, this scene from Shaft popped into my mind as I was studying Genetics.

Samuel L. Jackson is Shaft, a hard street-smart cop working in a racist precinct. A fellow officer makes a seemingly racist comment, and when Shaft objects, the officer says sarcastically,

“Hey Shaft, maybe I should take a workshop in Ethnic Sensitivity,”

To which Shaft replies with an edge,

“Maybe I should workshop my foot up y’ass!”


Okay… back to work…
How noble is this phenomenon, isnt it?
ha ha..you crack me up!
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