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Thursday, July 20, 2006
  Blech day
Today wasn’t a good day. I didn’t get all that much done. I woke up feeling nervous and jittery and for most of the day I couldn’t sit still. I developed this overpowering feeling of edginess and just couldn’t concentrate. I hate days like these. I hate that days like these even exist. It makes you feel as if nothing is really in your control, which I suppose is true.

Being objective, I think I have a good chance of doing really well in the exam, which is 40 days away now. It seems impossibly close after so many months of studying and worrying about it. However I need to have no more days like today. I called my fiancé up in the evening and talked to her for a while. She suggested that I start jogging again. Even though the weather is terribly hot these days in Islamabad, I’ve moved into an air conditioned room of the house where I spend most of my day (only sleeping in my own room). Getting really hot from a jog in this weather shouldn’t be a big problem if I have a really well cooled room to come back to when I’m done. I used to jog regularly before and I found it was great for getting those endorphins out and elevating mood, and improving concentration. I stopped because it became too damn hot. It’s still very hot, but I think I should be able to tough it out for some 40 minutes out there, happy in the knowledge that I’ll be headed back to a nice cool room.  
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