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Friday, June 23, 2006
I’ve had the most terrible attention span this morning. God, I could barely concentrate for more than 5 minutes before being distracted by the smallest thing. Talk about ADD.

I’m going to this mosque near my house for Friday prayers soon. I don’t really enjoy listen to the imam of the mosque. He has nothing new to say during his khutbahs, only regurgitating stuff he’s probably memorized years ago. He’s also got the most boring, cadence to his speech. He breaks his sentences in two, pausing randomly in the middle before continuing. I think he believes this lends an aura of authority to his voice. He’s also got a wholly artificial, overly done, high-pitched quiver to his voice when he’s reciting the Quran.

Friday khutbahs should be informative and though provoking. The imam should work hard on composing it, making it relevant to current events and situations. I’m absolutely sure very few imams of mosques actually sit down to think hard about what they’ll be saying in their khutbahs. The imam of the mosque I’m going to is just like thousands of others all over Pakistan. He memorized the Quran when he was a kid without understanding a thing he was committing to memory and then managed to find a job as an imam of a mosque. He’s got three meals a day and a place to stay. Occasionally he’s invited to a wedding to preside over the nikah. That means even more food! What more does he need from life?
Well IMHO the prayers should be led by multiple community members ..Imams should not have a monopoly on religion. Btw vis a vis your earlier post apparently the NWFP assembly did allow a fateha for Zarqawi..
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