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Thursday, June 08, 2006
It’s my fiancé’s birthday day after tomorrow and I wondering what to get her. For my birthday, she sent me a T-shirt (which I happen to be wearing right now). I was thinking of getting her the House MD Season 1 DVD set. I have the set myself and I think she’ll love it. She really liked ER, and shows like House MD are twice as fun when you try to follow the medicine behind it.

It’s either that or Hugo perfume for women. I’m not sure which one to get. I think she’ll enjoy House more, but don’t girls like perfume and stuff like that a lot?

Other than that, my studies are going on really well these days. My spirits are high. I hope it stays that way. If I happen to be peaking right now, it’s really good timing.
I think which gift to give her would depend on what she's like. If it were me, I would always be happier with something like the DVD's than with perfume ... but not all women are like that.

Whatever you get her ... I'm sure that she'll be happy - because it comes from you! :o)
yeah give her the dvd set n then find urself a nice cadaver to marry coz no girl is coming near if thts ur perfect bday gift
dnt b crazy doc get the perfume
Dont give any thing, its a waste of money. After few days she would forget as b'day comes every year. why dont you give her a surprise visit. Do thing which only you could do. She could buy DVD set herself if she really likes that and any one could give her perfume. Come on , think out of the box. I could give you a lot of ideas but they are copy right materials. I know how could I get a lot of gals. just touch their hearts ;-)
LOL @ cadaver!

I'd have liked the DVD better cos I love House M.D....hmmm...get her the perfume DP...its more birthday-ish ,don't u think?You can get her the DVDs later.
DP....phuleeezeeee don't get her anything nerdy!
Happy now that you are more confused than ever. haha!
sorry yar cant help u there. im the worst kind wen it comes to presents.
but i think something that u didnt just bought off the shelf but instead did spend sometime making preparing would be nice.
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