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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
The last few days study has been blech, and I’ve been feeling blech and life has been blech. Yes, it’s been blech all around. Last night for some weird reason, my heart rate dropped quite significantly. It was down to somewhere in the 30s. While I’d like to think this was because I’m in such great Lance Armstrong-esque shape I know that’s not the case. I took a few puffs of Ventolin, which I always keep handy to get the heart rate going again and the lungs opened up. I had this problem all the way till I finally got to sleep. When I woke up, I felt terrible. Extremely groggy and even depressed. I think the breathing/heart-rate problems preventing me from getting much restful sleep.

Another thing that really pisses me off these days is the glaring lack of hygiene in the kitchen. We’ve got swarms of cockroaches emerging at night and they crawl all over the dishes and other stuff in the kitchen. I keep telling my parents to get some professional pest-control service in tow so the roaches can be annihilated once and for all. I also pointed out that if the drain on the floor of the kitchen were properly cemented in place (instead of lying on top of it detached), the roaches wouldn’t be able to get in. My father insists the problem is under control because they got a big can of baygon roach spray that they use. I point out that the problem is obviously out of hand, to which he claims that the kitchen and household is my mother’s “department” and washes his hands off the whole thing. My mother for her part makes some excuse or other because she really doesn’t think much of the problem. We have a maid that cooks for us as well. Besides cooking, which she is very good at, she’s also responsible for cleaning and stuff. The gripe that I have is that I seriously doubt she washes her hands carefully before cooking for us. She can spend half the day wiping the floors and cleaning the bathrooms, and then use the same unwashed hands to cook our bread. I’ve asked my mother if she washes her hands when she cooks, and my mother says that she does, but there is no soap in the kitchen, and I doubt the maid (or my mother for that matter) go specially into the bathroom to wash their hands before handling food.

There’s a deep seated inertia to change that’s pervaded my household. The TV downstairs for example has a problem in that the picture flickers out and only comes back if you get up and jiggle the cable wire around a little. This happens ever 10-15 minutes. The problem has long been diagnosed as a very simple affair. The socket that the cable wire goes into is loose and dislodges by itself. It only requires a good repairman a few minutes to fix the problem. Now get this: This problem has been going on for the last 12 months. When I ask my mother why no one has bothered to fix it, she complains that no one is ready to take her, and when I ask my father, he says it’s not his “department”. My 36 year old elder brother who lives with us most of the time has never taken it upon himself to fix this problem because he’s got his own TV upstairs. My mother doesn’t want to ask him to fix it because she doesn’t want to owe him any favors. My 32 year old brother, who doesn’t have a job has never learnt to drive and so this automatically excuses him from the responsibility. My father could do it easily over the weekend, but it’s not his department.

It’s just a screwed up, stupid, banosi household I come from. I want to get out of here as fast as I can.
Doc, how about taking the T.V yourself and getting it fixed ?
Well for one thing, I'm spend most of my waking hours with the books. I have the most hectic schedule of anyone in the house. I think if there are 3 grown men in the house besides me who are a lot freer than I am, and who watch use the TV, they should be the ones getting it fixed. I don't watch TV myself or care about it per se, it's just the general attitude that irritates me.
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