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Saturday, June 10, 2006
  the birthday girl
I decided to get my fiancé the DVD set for the 1st season of House MD. You guys can say what you wish, but I know what’d she’d like. I had sent her some ER episodes I had downloaded with bittorrent and she absolutely loved those.

So I went to the store and asked the guy there if they had “House MD”. After the inevitable looks of dazed confusion (why do I always have to repeat what I’m looking for three times in a book or video store?), the guy’s gaze wondered over the huge shop he was in charge for as if he had X-ray vision and could do a quick search from the comfort of his chair. He slowly answered that they didn’t have House MD. Not believing him, I decided to look for myself. In about 30 seconds, I was back at the counter waving the House DVD set in his nose. He didn’t look the slightest bit embarrassed at his incompetence, looking only at the price tag to see how much money he was going to milk out of me.

I had gone to the shop prepared to do battle. The thing is, when I bought my own House MD DVD set, it wasn’t the original set, but a really crappy, internet-downloaded version that wasn’t even HDTV. I didn’t know this, because the DVD set looked pristine and sparkling from the outside. I let it pass and watched the DVDs anyway, but what really irritated me was when 2 DVDs from the set didn’t work. I went back to the shop and raised hell, demanding my money back. The guys there apologized and promised to replace the two DVDs the next day. I didn’t like the idea of having to come a third time, but I caved in because there wasn’t much else I could do. I wanted those two DVDs. So I went back again the third time only to have them exclaim that the guy didn’t come today, so if I could please come the next day…

I shouted at them a lot and came away with my money back and a promise never to come back to the store again. Sure enough when I went to get DVDs for my fiancé, I went to another store, but not wanting to get screwed again, I insisted that the guy check every single DVD in the set before I buy them.

The first DVD looked alright… it loaded up and stuff. I told him to move on and check the second DVD, and then out of instinct when it loaded up, I told him to play an episode. And hey presto… wouldn’t you know: It didn’t work!! I was so pissed. The idiot was standing there banging on the remote to the DVD player and the thing just wouldn’t move past the main menu. As the guy stood there like a moron, another clerk came from the upstairs section of the store. He looked like a total jerk; I didn’t like him at all. He had an argumentative scowl on his face and the idiot clerk asked the mean clerk if they had another set of House MD. “Why?” he asked. The idiot clerk replied this set wasn’t working.

Get this: right in front of me, the mean clerk says “don’t open the box sets here. If there is a problem let the customer come back and deal with it.” I snapped back at him telling him I wasn’t so free that I had time to come again to sort out defective DVDs. He got me really worked up. I mean, what a jerk. Talk about poor interpersonal skills.  

The mean clerk went back up without replying. It was established that they didn’t have another set of House MD. Just then I turned my head a little and guess what I see! The DVD set for ER Season 1!! I had been looking for this for months! Every time I went into a DVD store, this was the first thing I asked them for. Nobody had it, and this was the show I really wanted to see. After all this time, I find it there in that store. I never even asked them if they had it, because I didn’t expect they would.

Anyway, I grab the ER set and tell the idiot clerk to check these ones. He looks at the set dubiously and primly walks over to the mean clerk and tells him the customer wants to check these DVDs. I’m walking right behind the idiot clerk ready to make sure the DVDs are checked. The mean guy turns to me and tells me they can’t remove the wrapping around the box sets. He said the “goras” that come here insist that the sets be wrapped up. I told him that the House DVDs weren’t working… we had just checked them right now, wrapping or no wrapping, no one would buy them. I told him if the ER DVDs were working I’d buy them, and if not, he shouldn’t be selling them anyway. He knew I had trapped him there because I had the evidence of the House DVDs to throw at him. He suffered a long constipated silence before finally grunting to the idiot clerk to go and check the DVDs.

Thankfully, the ER DVDs were all working fine. All were the real thing, and not some cheap internet knockoff. I really really really really wanted to get an ER set for myself, but I didn’t have any money left.

So I sent the DVDs off to the birthday girl. I won’t get to watch them, but she will, and she’ll love them, and that’s fine.
lucky girl, i must say. very thoughtful gift indeed. and welcome to pakistan, the land of poor customer service.
i think house is great.i really like this series,far better than greys anatomy.n if u r intersted in medical stuff which ofcourse u r,i think u wd like csi too.
"House MD DVD set, it wasn?t the original set, but a really crappy,
internet-downloaded version that wasn?t even HDTV."

At least in the US, official DVD's are never HDTV quality, UNLESS they were broadcast in HDTV, and someone decided to save it on their HD/Tivo at that high quality, and put it on the Internet. Point is that if you expect HDTV quality (which I've never seen on the net anyway), it WILL be unofficial.

(Typical geek response).

Besides, did you really mean ORIGINAL? Those things are probably expensive. $39 on Amazon (actually, that IS a lot cheaper than I expected).

"I really really really really wanted to get an ER set for myself, but I didn?t have any money left."

Ah, if you had time to waste, you could have ripped it all on your HD. Anyway, just wait. You'll get married and have access to them anyway (sneaky you).
It's very thoughtful of you. I love House. My husband and I are addicted.

Can you order the House DVD from Amazon UK or another European Amazon? Even the chinese bootlegs their secondary merchants sell are usually good quality.They also sell fragrances AFAIK.

At work I get accused of looking like greg house. It's calumny: I shave every day! I don't wear death metal T shirts. LOL But I am snarky. LOL
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