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Thursday, May 04, 2006
  A little whining
These last few days have been messed up with some problem cropping up everyday. Study has suffered for it. Today I’ll be taking my mother to a nephrologist because her serum creatinine suggested a below-normal creatinine clearance. A week ago, I also restricted her salt intake and got her blood pressure to drop down to 140/70, which is not too shabby.

I really hate it when something crops up to throw my whole day off kilter. I’m very fastidious about having nothing more time consuming planned in my day than a jog. Besides a guest who decided to drop in from the blue, who I had to spent a lot of time with, because he came just to see me, my water cooler broke again and it was a pain in the you know what uninstalling the cooler from it’s resting place and hauling it off to the side so I could steal my brother’s cooler and use that instead. I’m not sure why the room cooler broke again, the second time in two weeks. The people who came to fix it said it was because I was filling it with water while it was still on. My mother thinks it’s because I use it too much. My brother’s theory, which he propounds with a suspicious degree of passion, is that I’m a big jackass who breaks things. I hope the first theory is correct. I can easily turn the cooler off while it’s being filled. As for using it too much, I don’t have much choice because other than early mornings, it gets really hot up here in my room. It the cooler goes bust again, it must be due to my excessive use, and since that is not easy to avoid, I might be forced to pack up and haul everything downstairs where it’s much cooler. I’d rather not do that because I really like my room.

On a less whiny note – the last few days, I’ve been breaking up pieces of toast on my window sill in the hope of attracting some birds. They’ve been coming by regularly and it’s a pleasure to watch them feed. There are a lot of trees around our house, and many birds. They fly up to the window and since they can make out my outline from the outside, they constantly peer in suspiciously in between bouts of rapid pecking. It’s nice to watch, but they never stay for long.
I hope your Mom's kidney function is OK ... her blood pressure is still on the high side of normal, though, and that can cause some problems. Hopefully the nephrologist will know what to do with her.

About the water cooler ... I hope it's the first option, too!

Good luck ... let us know how things work out.
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