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Friday, April 28, 2006
My work is moving along well. My energy levels are quite high these days, something I attribute to a bout of jogging I did a few days ago. I discontinued the jogging because I had a cold and didn’t feel like running with a runny nose and scratch throat. I’ll start again tomorrow.

The sense of urgency and purpose has returned. I have to say, part of my return to form was due to admitting my study problems to Aya, who then proceeded to give me a proper dressing down and gave me some sound advice on how to overcome them. I took her advice and it worked out quite well. One nugget was disconnecting my internet connection in the mornings. I’ve admitted it before; that I’m quite the net junkie, spending hours clicking away like a zombie before realizing how much time I’ve wasted. Getting some 4-5 hours of work done in my morning session gives me a great boost and the momentum sees me through in my evening session.
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Recent med school graduate from Peshawar, Pakistan. Started blogging when in throes of final year exams. Currently studying for USMLE Step 1. Aiming for the 2008 Match. I blog about my studies, my worries, and my thoughts on life. I live in Islamabad.

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