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Saturday, April 22, 2006
  On Life
I went jogging today in the afternoon. I was feeling really lousy and depressed before the jog, but when I came back my mood elevated markedly and I felt a lot better. Note to self: be regular at exercise, it’ll stop you from wanting to kill yourself.

Life is full of ups and downs. How many times have I felt that it might be better if I weren’t born at all? How many times have I felt happy to be alive and thankful to God? How many times have I wished I were living in some monastery, far away from this life and all the things that make me unhappy and unsure of myself? I have felt ecstatic, happy, blessed. I’ve felt miserable, suicidal, cursed. Sometimes it’s seems all so futile. We go through all these emotions, these colossal vicissitudes of life – we try hard to make something of ourselves. One problem or crisis resolves itself in our lives and another soon follows. There is really no end, no objective that needs to be fulfilled for us to attain happiness. Perhaps life is all about finding happiness in the tragedy of our lives.
Peace DrPak ... I read a few of your posts. It sounds like things are very overwhelming for you now.

Treat yourself kindly - always take time for yourself. You need to be able to do those things that make you feel better. If you don't develop those habits early in your career, it will become harder for you with time.

Am blogrolling you ...

... and wishing you inner peace and time to rest and regroup.
if we had no probs we would have no reason to remember God as well.human nature.so they r a blessing in their own way,no?
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