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Saturday, April 22, 2006
  Feeling lousy
Yesterday was another crappy day. I felt inexplicably tired all day. Maybe it’s because I have stopped jogging and a few liters of blood have now decided to form a lake in my legs. I decided then try to do the whole jogging bit in the morning, as opposed to the late afternoon. So I woke up today at 7am and quickly washed up, put on my joggers and went out by 7:30. Outside, it dawned on me that by 7:30 there is an unpleasantly sharp sun out waiting to pound down on me. Delicate and precious that I am, I decided to turn back home and rustle up some breakfast, another healthy activity.

Soon after, I decided to move the cooler used in my brother’s room to my own room, thereby solving the problem of my broken cooler and allowing me to move back into my room. Of course, this will create a problem for my brother, but I think I have more right to his cooler because I am upstairs more than he is, and more importantly, he’s not here right now to stop me from taking it. I asked a cousin who was visiting us to help me move the coolers. They are situated outside the room, exposed to the elements, supported by metal pedestals and positioned so that the fans blow into the rooms through their windows. It was a dusty, dirty job and I felt really tired afterwards, which might be the allergy, I don’t know.

I think I’ve really got to get my butt off this chair and start jogging again regularly. Morning jogs won’t work because the sun will only come out earlier with every passing day and I don’t see myself jogging at 6 am to beat a hot sun come june/july. I think I’ll have to stick with the late afternoon jogs. I hope that will go someway towards upping my energy levels. Feeling tired all the time is lousy.
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