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Friday, April 21, 2006
  Crappy day
Yesterday was a pretty crappy day. My brand-new room cooler, which was doing a great job until now, decided to go into retirement. My room is on the top floor and I’m separated from the roof only by the ceiling. The roof, unfortunately is smear with deep-black tar and soaks up the heat during the time the sun is out so that around noon, the heat starts radiating down from the ceiling in waves and my room actually becomes warmer than the outside. I’m going to have the roof painted white, because even with a functional room cooler, it makes no sense to have such grossly inefficient thermodynamics to contend with.

I was forced to shift all my stuff and hijack the adjacent room, my father’s study room, in which there’s an air-conditioner. The AC works great, but the room is small and cramped, and I’d be glad to move back to my own room. My parents are out of town, so the room is all mine for now. The problem of the room cooler will be fixed when they return because everybody knows I’m too precious and special to indulge in such menial tasks as returning a broken room cooler.  

My allergy returned last evening. I had stopped taking loratadine after a few days because I thought I’d be over the allergy by then. The stuff is not really as non-sedating as they say, although perhaps I’m being over-sensitive on that score because I’m always looking to have a really clear mind when I’m studying. I can easily bypass the problem by taking the stuff at night, which is what I did last night.

Lets hope today is a better day. Full of tons of studying, no allergies, and the cool, soothing hum of the air-conditioner.
i hv the same prob.jst make sure u stay away frm dust because i grew immune to the all mighty anti allergy pills pretty fast.
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