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Friday, April 14, 2006
My fiancé’s orange card has arrived and mine is one the way. I’m going to call her tomorrow and we’re going to decide on an exact date for our Step 1 as well as discuss exactly what we want to do after our steps. We’ll agree to a new, well-thought-out plan, draw up a good schedule, and stick to it.

On another note. Aya is also on her way back from Pakistan. It’s ironic that when she came here (to attend a wedding) we almost lost touch completely and it’s only when she returns to the US that we’ll be able to communicate via GoogleTalk regularly. I’m glad she’s “coming back”.

Tomorrow I hope things change for the better. I’ll get cracking with the books early, try to wade through as much material as I can in the morning session because by late afternoon I’ve always slowed down considerably.  
I'm replying more to your previous post in this one..I think you are being uneccessarily harsh on yourself. Firstly you aren't your brother although he is a positive role model. Secondly you seem to be a person who has to deal with a lot of issues and is still trying to understand everything he went through...if thats a fair assesment I think you shouldd go easier on yourself you need to find a comfort zone study wise and establish a rhythm if you don't you are setting yourself up for a fall..it's not that you can't achieve what you want it's that you won't be letting yourself achieve it...my two pence.. 'nuff said ..
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