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Friday, March 03, 2006
Well, Uncle Bush will be visiting our fair city tomorrow. I shudder to think what kind of security cover this city will be held hostage to while he’s here. In 2000, when Clinton came, he arrived in an unmarked small white airplane. Air Force One was actually a decoy. Then when he drove through Islamabad, all local traffic literally evaporated. Even pigeons that flew overhead were arrested and charged for suspicious activities. There were dozens of limousines in his motorcade and it was not known which one he was in. He only stayed for 5 hours, and when he made a speech on TV, he looked scared to death as if the microphone would explode or something. This was before 9/11, before the Afghanistan war, before the Iraq war, before Abu Ghraib. Before Uncle Bush. Hell, we even liked Clinton a little bit. Ridiculous Clinton and the stained blue dress.

I can’t imagine what security in the city will be like tomorrow. I better not fart in the wrong direction, even though I’m not going to step out of my house as long as Uncle Bush is here.
Lol I liked the last paragraph..that was funny..i don't remember the CLinton speech ..was he really that scared? God that was humiliating..a touchdown and the man then lectures Musharraf..backbone is not something he has an abundance off..
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