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Saturday, March 04, 2006
  Let's get organized!
I’ve started a google group:
All blogspot.com bloggers who wish to organize themselves and protest in a single voice please come here. Any others who wish to join are also welcome. You don’t have to be a blogspot.com ban victim to be driven to action by the ban. Anyone who condemns this half-baked attempt at righting a wrong with another wrong is welcome to join.

We’ve got 10 members so far, and I’m hoping our numbers will grow exponentially from here onwards. I’ve detailed a plan of action at the group, so please visit it for details, and sign up. We’ll get the ball rolling very soon, Inshallah.
These idiotic governments never think far enough. Don't they know that banning Blogspot is ineffective? There are so many alternative ways to view the cartoons other than Web sites. It's the Internet that needs banning here. It's simpler to do, and far more effective.

They're just plain inefficient! When will they learn?
internet tht needs banning here ???

did u really mean tht laffer.and wht gud will tht do.
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