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Saturday, March 04, 2006
The Pakistan authorities, in their efforts to keep this fair land pure and clean have decided to ban blogspot.com. This was done in response to a Supreme Court ruling ordering all sites that contained the blasphemous cartoons to be blocked. Since there were some blogs out there that reproduced the cartoons, the Powers That Be decided to block access to the whole of blogspot.com. As we all know, when you block a site, the content immediately evaporates, ceasing to exist, thereby instantaneously solving the dilemma of any offense it may have caused and making the world a better place to live again. Darn it, if only Bush had similar foresight and just banned Sheikh Osama Bin Hulk Hogan…

On a less sarcastic note - I’ve set up a google group and am putting the word out to fellow Pakistani bloggers to join so we can organize ourselves to launch a disciplined, intelligent protest in the print media to have this ridiculous ban revoked. If they want to ban the cartoons, let them do the hard work needed to pin point the individual sites. Why not just shut down the whole damn internet for God’s sake! I for one am not going to rely on their good graces to thoughtfully revoke the ban all by themselves. I plan to make a lot of noise.

Let’s see how they can shut us up!
dude...with u one hundred percent,...just tell me what u wanan do...
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