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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
  Paperwork 2
I managed to hunt down my batchfellow. He doesn’t have a mobile and hardly ever uses the net, so this was not easy to do. To my relief, he said he actually did have his ward cards with him, and would give me the dates by tomorrow. I’ll apply online as soon as I get that data. I know it’s possible to apply without this information, and just give my final year clinical clerkship information, as some friends of mine have done, but I don’t want to bend any rules here. Experience has thought me to play it straight, because you never know when some slight discrepancy will come back and bite you in the ass.

The study hours graph is going up. Contrary to popular perception amongst the readers of this blog, I am not studying 8-10 hours regularly a day. The average is less than that although I’m trying hard to get it up and meeting with some measure of success. Nevertheless, I am plagued by my slow progress and need to notch up the hours to regular two digit figures if I’m ever going to be able to finish the material in time.
I was putting it at about 5-7 hours max personally..thats just my guess from the blog posts..lol

Studying Medicine is not about brains per se..as my cousin always says..it's more about stamina
zak dude u got to be in it to know it.hehe
we have clinical rotations lasting between 2-8 weeks- i had to key in the details of my 3 years of 24 clinical rotations, community medicine rotation and the two international clinical elective rotations!

likewise i'd advice you to pay attention to details!
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