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Thursday, February 16, 2006
  The new century
A new video showing Iraqi children being brutally beaten by British troops.

New pictures of the Abu Ghuraib showing that the things that went on there were much worse than previously imagined.

Hamas voted into power vowing not to compromise on their stated aim of destroying Israel.

Iraq descending into a deeper quagmire of violence.

Violent protests over the Muhammad cartoon with more western publications republishing them defiantly in the name of free speech.

Iran officially resuming its nuclear program.

Is it just me, or did the world seem a lot simpler last century?
n u forgot the whole natural disaster package tht came as an added bonus with the new century.i hv a feeling the party has just started.wait until bird flu gets in action.buckle up ppl this is gona b a bumpy ride
out of curiousity, what score do you hope to attain on your step 1? obviously one cannot predict a score, but what is your goal?
My goal is the heavens, and the hope is to land at least amidst the stars.
doctor saab u were studying for medicine last century u ought to have missed a lot of it.hehe
dr.pak, where did you do your high school from and what was it, Fsc or A levels???
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