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Thursday, February 23, 2006
  The mullah and the donkey
A donkey strayed into the mosque of a mullah who was known for his highly charged and vitriolic views on most matters religious. Upon seeing the donkey, he quickly grabbed a heavy staff and began beating the donkey out of the mosque. As the donkey ran out injured and frightened with the mullah hot on its heels, the Wise Man of the village chanced to be walking past. He stopped the mullah and asked him what why he was treating the donkey so harshly. The mullah replied that it had entered the mosque. The Wise Man of the village shook his head and admonished the mullah.

“That’s just an animal. Its stupid and has no intelligence, that’s why it entered the mosque. After all,” the Wise Man of the village said, “you don’t see me coming to your mosque do you?”
Do you know where that mullah is now. I think he has come to the mosque adjacent to our house.
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