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Thursday, February 16, 2006
  More shit hitting the fan
The Abu Ghraib scandal promises to get much worse. Following the release of new pictures released by an Australian television network not 24 hours ago, salon.com has announced that it has the entire Abu Ghraib file- all the pictures in existence along with many videos depicting abuse. Very significantly, although I don’t know if this will become a big issue, there is also a picture of a file showing that some of the interrogations were carried out by the CIA.

I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. If any good comes from this, it would be a change in the consciousness of the western mind that the universe revolves around them and their own particular morality. Maybe this, along all that has occurred these last few years will convince the American public to take stock of what their country has turned into and start cleaning their own house to prevent something like this from happening again. It’s time for ordinary Americans to step up and take responsibility for this. This is being done in their name. It is their names that are being dragged through the mud.

The full extent of the Abu Ghraib abuse will soon be very evident. If ordinary Americans let this scandal slide as well, then they will really have failed everything they loudly claim to stand for. There will be nothing left to the American experience to admire anymore. Why try to emulate them in any aspect of their lives when this is what it will get you? If American society as a whole does not recoil in disgust and be angered into action by the atrocities committed by their democratically elected government, what does that tell the rest of the world about such a society?
You're too angsty. Loosen up doc
This is all very disturbing indeed!
Lets see how it all unravels....
wouldnt bother americans i reckon for two reasons.
their media wouldnt show it to them or if it does in a milder tone.
secondly yhtey have been frightened to their bone by their govt into believing that all the muslim world is after them just itching to kill and massacre them. in these circumstances i would let any of this happen if i were an americn just because it then boils down to saving urself or getting killed
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Moiz, I'm in the US and you're mistaken.

First, the US media gave the original Abu Ghraib pictures incredible, constant exposure. They put the pictures on the front pages of newspapers every day for weeks, even when there was nothing new about the story.

Our media avoid showing 9/11 photos, by the way, and they downplay other images of Al Qaeda atrocities. Our media mostly hate George Bush, and they're very open about it. They used the Abu Ghraib images because it made Bush look bad.

Secondly, our government doesn't claim "that all the muslim world is ... just itching to kill and massacre" us. Quite the opposite. George Bush has said again and again that Islam is a "religion of peace" and that it's just a minority of extremists who cut people's heads off. He's been singing that song ever since 9/11.

Dr., you write:

If American society as a whole does not recoil in disgust and be angered into action by the atrocities committed by their democratically elected government, what does that tell the rest of the world about such a society?

Most of us don't like it much. The horrible stuff at Abu Ghraib was illegal, and the people who did it went to prison. But if you're hoping this will get Bush out of office and put a bootlicking coward like John Kerry in power, forget it. Putting a stop to this torture stuff is important, but no sane nation would choose to lose a war over it. Bush is not doing a perfect job, but he's better than the alternative. Yeah, I care about America first. You care about Pakistan first, right?

I hate this stupid war, but we're stuck with it.
In fact, back to Moiz — it's the opposition, the Democrats and the left wing, who say the whole Muslim world hates us and wants to kill us. They say we deserve to be hated and everything wrong in the world is completely our fault.

Bush keeps saying we can get along with Muslims just fine. He says we're at war with Al Qaeda, not with all Muslims. Apparently it's true that most of the people Al Qaeda kills are Muslims.

I'm not saying he's right or wrong. Maybe he's just pretending not to hate Muslims. I don't know. I'm just telling you what the media and various kinds of politicians are saying here.
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