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Sunday, February 26, 2006
  Gift of nature
I went out to get a bulb for my lamp. It had stopped raining a couple of hours ago and the clouds had cleared remarkably fast after what was an unseasonably heavy rainfall. The clouds were cotton-white, the sky a deep blue and the sun was shining brightly and gloriously down on this fair city. The combination of a bright sun, a cool breeze, the Islamabad greenery and the ‘clean’ look that comes from heavy rainfall was very uplifting. It seemed as if you could see the leaves on the trees of the Margalla hills. My mood was down somewhat because of (what else!) my study woes, but as I walked to the market near my house, my spirits lifted and I forgot about my problems for a while. I wonder if there is a place in the world where the weather is always this glorious. I’d think seriously of moving there.
Start singing california here we come lol...mind you the only thing real about the Hollywood crowd in California is the weather lol..
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