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Monday, January 30, 2006
  Romper Stomper
The stress of my step exam is taking its toll. I’ve been feeling very irritable these days. Things that otherwise wouldn’t have bothered me let loose a seething, smoldering volcano of a temper. I don’t think anyone in the house has noticed because I’m quite able to keep it under wraps. Of course it helps to have my own room where I am not disturbed, but still, I’ve had to work a lot harder to keep the lid down on my temper these last two days. When I went out for jog today, I pushed myself a little harder, trying to sweat out the anger, and it worked well for a few hours before my slow study pace got me worked up again.

There are no pithy words of wisdom to accompany this post. No profound insights into how human nature changes in the face of adversity. I just want to pound on a punching bag till I wear myself out, preferably with a colorful assortment of swearwords that I’d grunt out between clenched teeth with every punch to the bag.
yeah just run or sleep it out of urself.trying to control it just mutiplies it
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