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Sunday, January 29, 2006
  Putt-putting along
Today I felt extremely irritable during the evening. It’s a good thing I have my own room, quite isolated from the rest of the house. Interaction with humans might have ended in unfortunate ways. The main reason behind my low-grade smoldering temper was my lack of speed in ploughing through the material. I’m having insomnia with the occasional bad dream and my mind hasn’t been getting it’s 8 hours of rest these last couple of days. Inevitably, my brain protested to this and went down into 1st gear and I found myself reading the same paragraphs four times before finally realizing I had already read it before and didn’t understand it then either. It was like driving uphill on CNG in a second-hand Suzuki.

I’m making it a point to eat an early light dinner, get into bed early, drink my milk and honey to bring on the sleep and try to try and relax and not get tense about things. When my brain is working, it works well so I hope with some proper rest, tomorrow I’ll be back on diesel.
seriously, there is some world outside the books!
hmmmm.....sounds awful situation. Same was the experience, that I went thru a month back while preparing for papers. You might looking for rest, and I was looking for internet :P. Anyway, hope you can get back to diesel :)
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