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Friday, January 20, 2006
  Movie, anyone?
Electricity was gone since morning. I didn’t get any work done since I’m so hooked on the lectures, which are on my PC. I can’t really read directly from the book anymore. Moron that I am, I need someone to explain it to me nicely. I wasted 3 hours of the morning, and soon I’ll be taking my mother to a cardiologist to get this blood pressure business of hers sorted out by a specialist once and for all.

I hope I get some good work done today. Yesterday was an okay day, even though I didn’t feel at all like studying, my stamina for sticking to the crappy books was probably increased because I saw a movie the night before (Batman Begins) and I really enjoyed it. Good movies make you forget your worries for a while and engulf you in another world. This can be quite refreshing if you’re sick and tired of your life at the time.

It’s a good pointer really: every few days, go watch a good movie and clear your head.

I’ll go get another movie in a few days.
ahaan sounds an appealing approach. But many a times, movie cannot heal you. Rather make you feel scramp. And if that were suppose to be Pakistani, nothing but migraine
its great to escape to a fantasy world sometimes I wish it could be forever at time :)

BTW choose a profession you love and you will never have to work a single day in your life :)
@saad: I'm not looking for a healin'. I need about a year's rest to properly heal from the ordeal of these books for the last 10 or so years of my life. I'm not so naive as to think I'll get better with a movie, but every little bit helps. Sometime a little push is enough to get u rolling.

@O-C: I don't hate medicine. I think I'll make a great, empathetic, dedicated doctor. I just hate studying. Medicine is a great profession. Earning the right to practice it... that's a different story altogether.
Good choice in a movie..Begins is almost a case study in a psychologically damaged individual rather than a Superhero movie purely...Chris Nolan the director also made Memento..I have to say the guy is a genius..but he needs long term therapy!
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