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Wednesday, January 25, 2006
  Intelligence test
I wasted more than an hour on this so I might as well brag about it here to have something to show for my lost time. I got 20 correct before I decided to stop wasting time and start studying.

And please, spare me your snide remarks about how inaccurate and biased intelligence tests are. Get 20 right yourself before coming here to lecture me.
I took the test sometimes back and scored 28 ... it said that meant 28% of people on the net had given same result as I did .... now how does it tell me how right I was or how wrong for that matter ??? Plus, it added that I shouldn't worry because people that use the net are generally more "clever" so if I had taken it randomly at a clinic or something I would have scored higher ... ?!?!?!
I don't think we're talking about the same test. This is the second test the site brought out. Mebbe ur talking about the first one.

It sez at the top than if you get 19+ correct, you have a 'genius' intelligence, and considering that your claim of 28 correct, I'm SURE we're not talking about the same test. ;)
i got 3, so i snidely remark , this test is inaccurate and biased
btw, Aya got 21, I got her hooked as well.

Rai, this is more a word-association kind of intelligence test. I'm sure you shine more at the math-oriented types of tests. In those kinds of tests, my results come back so bad, that according to some sources, I'm too mentally retarded to be able to clean myself.
Yes...he got me hooked!!!!
Evil DrPak!...is all I can say...
Now I have to make up for the time lost....:p

Rai..DrPak is right...you'd put us to shame had there been any amth involved!!
lol stop sympathising with me like i am retarded or something.i barely spent 5 minutes on it be4 i got bored.argh.now i hv to go back and solve the whole damn thing just to make a point to myself
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