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Wednesday, January 04, 2006
  I recommend 419 dot com
I laughed till I had tears in my eyes and my tummy ached. I haven’t laughed so hard in months.

I was referred to http://www.419eater.com by a friend. It’s a site that features a large community who take time out to lead the kind of scammers I mentioned in the last couple of posts into wild goose chases. They convince the scammer that they are genuinely interested in going through the ‘business deal’ and then string them out over weeks, making them jump through hoops until they finally reveal to the scammers that they were being fooled. They often convince the spammers to photograph themselves holding up ridiculous signs to ‘prove’ their authenticity. In their latest series of ‘stings’ the 419eaters had their scammers dress up in Santa Suits and hold up signs. This guy here is a prime example of how some moronic scammer thought he was being really clever.

Here is an audio clip of a phone conversation between a 419eater and a scammer who called him. The 419er pretends to be standing outside the Western Union office, about to deliver the cash when he gets hit by a car. The 419eater is actually at his home, and just adding in horrific sound effects of cars crashing, sirens, police radios, and even throws in an agonizing yell of “I don’t want to die!” The bemused scammer just plaintively repeats ‘Hello?’, not knowing what to make of the situation. LOLZZZ

They also have scammers call in and leave passwords to prove their ‘authenticity’. Thus they have these guys calling in and saying “I WANT AMANDA HUGGINKISS” or reciting Lord Vader's Haiku Poem, or singing Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. The 419eaters also give themselves ridiculous names. My personal favorite is “Dr Hulk Hogan,” although ‘Hugh G’erection is a close second. They’ve got a ‘trophy room’ where they put up all the pictures of the scammers they’ve managed to get holding signs like ‘I recommend 419 eaters dot com’, ‘My peeweeizsad’, and ‘Father Meballz Ritchy’.

Extremely funny site.
get a life ... DEFINITELY ! *rolling eyes
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