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Sunday, January 01, 2006
  Honey chile
I’ve done more work today that I have ever done since this whole USMLE business started. It wasn’t an astonishing number of hours, just eight, but my mind was quite focused and my speed was good. I have a countdown timer that I put up on my desktop that keeps track of exactly how much work I’m doing. Whenever I take a break, no matter how small, I pause the time and unpause it only when I return to the book - so those eight hours are hardcore eight hours of study.

I think I’m finally building good momentum in my work that I can build up on. I’m sticking rigidly to my time table and I’m sure a week or so more of this discipline will correct my sleeping habits and allow my brain to recharge fully when its time to go to sleep. I drink a glass of hot milk with honey before going to bed. It helps to bring on sleep and honey is supposed to be great stuff in itself. There’s no shortage of honey in the household because my father got 50 kilos of the purest stuff when he came across a honey farmer in his village. He bought the 50 kilos for 10,000 rupees, which is very cheap when you work it out per gram. Only me and him in the house eat/drink the stuff so I think it should last a really long time.

Nothing else to report except I missed my fiancé a lot and she missed me.
dude ure one lucky biatch, because my parhai system is sooo screwed these days...i havent been honestly putting in even 4 straight hrs with focus and speed...
sigh...mai kya akroonga zindagee mai?
and yeah im fine...thanx fer askin...bas aj kal jee hi nahen chah raha kuch khas likhne ko...plus I dont really have anything useful to talk abt on my blog...plus parhai is screwed...stupid laziness and silly issues...

will post something soon...btw ill be comin to isloo fer a day in the comin week...so lets see tumharee city acha rehti hai mere sath ke naheen? lol
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