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Monday, January 02, 2006
  Engineer Kerebua Responds!
I got the following response in about 1 hour of sending my reply to the spam.

Dear Pir Ghulam Shabbir Khan Chaudry,
I am very pleased to receive your mail and the content has been
noted. I will discuse with my mother on your request for a higher percentage and immediately we come to an agreement,I will come back to you with further details on the way forward. But mean while, I would really want to be sure that you are the person my mother contacted because people of these days usually extract mails that is sent to others and the only way you will prove this to me is by forwarding
me the letter you received from my mother, your direct telephone and
fax numbers.

Please understand that you should keep this transaction confidential
and that I need a sincere and honest person in this transaction.
Finally, call me on XXXXXXXXXXXXXX immediately you receive this

Yours faithfully,


This guy has upped the stakes! He actually gave me his phone number. Anyone want to call this guy and see who picks up? Being the penniless guy I am, I can’t afford an international phone call. I’ll give the number to whoever’s interested.
thought this may be of some interest / amusement to you


great blog by the way - keep up the good work (in all senses of the word)
i would have volunteered but i am still trying to get rid of the 10293 spammers who call me everyday and waste my minutes.
A-HA ... gimmeit bro ... that's gonna be fun . Will call thorugh that Go2Call thingie ... :D Once I called someone all the way in Russia ... der khwand yay ukko (was lots of fun) . AM trying to polish up my German these days ... Eest Kaalt (it's cold) (er I guess) . HO HO HO !
Beautiful Stranger, I tried emailing you, but it the email came back. Email me and I'll email you back with the number.
sorry, dude...too expensive...but sure would be fun seein what happens...
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