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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
  A doctor and writer
Didn’t study much today, just a few hours, because I had to take my mother to the hospital for a check up. That took a long time because we had to wait for the good doctor to show up. I knew it would waste most of the day, and was mentally prepared for it because I figured if I help my mother out, as I am supposed to, Allah would put barkat in my work tomorrow. My mother is extremely happy with the amount of fussing I do over her these days. The doctor told her I was doing an excellent job and that made her even happier (and proud).

The doctor was very pleased by my careful attention, and the report I had written for him summarizing all the lab results and my efforts over the last month. He told me to strike out the thiazide and add metoprolol. My mother will start the altered drug regimen tomorrow. I hope the blood pressure goes down to ideal levels. I’m looking for 120-130 systolic.

I was really really drowsy in the evening and was trying to work when I got an email from the editor of the publication I occasionally write in. Among other things, he wrote:

“I really enjoyed your "XXXX" piece - a candid and humorous account. I'd have been quite proud of it if I’d written it. We'd love to have more of your insights coming our way soon.”

Being one who is highly prone to manipulation through flattery, I decided work was going too slowly anyway so I’d complete an article I had on ice for the last 6 months. I had written about 600 words 6 months ago and didn’t know how to continue so I just kept it in limbo and forgot about it. I dug it out, got down to figuring out an ending, polished it off quite nicely and sent it. I’m pretty sure it will get accepted. The editor is a big fan of mine now!

A bad day for studies, but I feel good.  
too bad we cant read the best of your stuff here,which you send off to magazines and leave us with a year old story of sex obsessed hafiz and depressing tales of D
lolz, that true. Sorry dude, I treasure my anonymity.
but why this anonymity though? any enemies on the blog world?
No enemies... but an anonymous blog makes it possible to post private things here that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to.
Wow. I've heard of XXX stories, but XXXX is a first...

Exactly what type of magazines are you publishing in?
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