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Friday, January 13, 2006
Today totally sucked. It was a pretty bad day. Over the last two weeks, I’ve gradually been mounting pressure on myself to perform and for the most part I’ve been able to get the job done. At the end of the day I would move forward and did so without much trouble. Today however, I felt sleepy and tired all day. I was a little feverish and tachycardic. I’m not sure why that is, but it really drained me quick. I went to sleep in the afternoon and even had a ‘nightmare’ (I suppose I should call them ‘daymares’). I’ve been moody and my fiancé is pissed off at me as well.

Just one of those days when you feel you’re not up to it and you begin to wonder if you ever will be.

Aya suggested that I start jogging in the mornings. I really do need to exercise. I spend so much time in this chair of mine, I’m afraid I’ll develop DVT one of these days. I’ll try to take it up, cuz I’m totally out of shape!  

Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day.
Hope you feel better DrPak!
Oh you'll be fine. Think about the day you'll...err..I don't know... think about the day when you'll be a 'cool doctor' who's specialised in this n that. Is that a big day for doctors? I actually don't know...

But just think about your dream day, that could make up for a major motivating factor

ran across this.thot u might b interested
goodness me ... what miserable li-ves/fes you docs have and to think there was a time I actually wanted to be one ... my Physics teacher was right ... I would have been lucky if they had even gave me a contract for running the canteen in KMC ... I quite liked the idea too ... get to gawk and drool all over the boys and not have to study either . Shocked ! well that's why 88.995 % of girls and 99.9999999999 % of boys go to KMC . Trust me !
Boy oh boy but you suhyould see the girls walking around in Shafi Market or in City Towers in their overalls looking as if they have just discovered the vaccine for HIV even though in reallity it's their 3rd year in first year MBBS ... *rolling eyes* LOLOLOLOL
I think anyone who *really* wants to be a doctor and live this kind of life has to be a little crazy. I think if I left medicine in the middle, or had gone to some other field from the get-go, I would have regreted it. Knowing everything that I know now, I still would do it all over again. Crazy, I know...
Way to go DrPak!
Its this exam...I tell you...its this darn exam!!!Its going to make you wish you stayed 6 yrs old,with not a care in the world!!
Don't let it get to you!!:)
hmm I can say one thing doc you seem well prepared for the steps :P seems like studies are taking their toll on you considering the no of diseases yr post has :)

ayas recommendations re seconded ..exercise > release of endorphins >hey presto Cheerful mood :P
PS: the exam is actual fun no matter what they say :)
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