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Sunday, January 08, 2006
I hope I can get some sleep (afternoon kip). There’s a bunch of goats bleating their heads off outside. Well, a few days later, their heads will literally be off, so things will quiet down. I’m like my afternoon nap a lot now. Can’t imagine how I survived before without. The only problem is the noise. Not just goats, but other sounds of the outside world filter in with astonishing fidelity through the windows of my room.

Just dropping a line. Study going well, alhumdulillah.
A constant hum (even if it's loud) can help one to put to sleep
(same reason people fall asleep on highways). I frequently have visitors
past 1:00am, and if I want to sleep and my roommate is talking with
them, I just turn the fan on in my room (table fan) and point it away
from me (it is winter, you know). The constant drone of the fan drowns
out their conversation completely and I can sleep without problems.

Similarly, I sleep in the same room as my computer, which is
always on. If I turn it off, I can start hearing crickets and all sorts
of sounds from outside. Keeps me awake (of course, I'd get used to it
within a few days).
Hey..was browsing through ebay and came across this guy selling Goljan step 2 lectures plus about 4000 questions(pretest,A&L etc)...the seller id is matildelina69...seemed legit..so went ahead and bought it...have a look...i think theres about 23 hours left...
a know laughter: I would hardly catagorize the plaintive bleating of goats as gentle, soothing humming sounds.

Aya: thanks for the heads up. Let me know how good it is, I might get it then.
The point was that if the bleating bothers you, try creating a constant drone in your room that drowns out the bleating...
Not a problem DrPak.
The seller had only two more left...if its good...i'll try make a copy for you.
I'm sure I can get Goljan's stuff from anothey buyers. There's no shortage of people selling USMLE materials on ebay. If you find that Goljan is good for Step 2, let me know, I'll hunt the material down on ebay.
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