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Saturday, December 24, 2005
  Who needs enemies?
This comes from KO Pakistan. Who needs enemies when we’ve got moron maulvis like these living in our midst?

Recently, many people have been asking about the permissibility of blogs, i.e. online diaries - I’m sure many of us have seen and read them. I submitted a question to Mufti Nawalur-Rahman about them, the answer can be heard here. English translation:

“Going to websites like these will not be permissible, because they contain personal matters and also they specify names/identities which can create a path for bay-hayaai (shamelessness), and unlawful relations, and It is a source that may leak out the faults/kharaabiyan ‘aayb’ of muslims. It will not be permissible.”

And thats all i can say.
aha I knew there was a reason I blogged...
but y ask if u think you know the answer better then the mulla.why the doubt. or was it just for fun.
I didn't ask, it all from a blog called KO Pakistan. The quote from the blog was supposed to be indented, but I guess this template doesn't do indentations.
I am just sitting here shaking my head!!!
aaa ok , my mistake
I still fail to understand how the Mufti Sahib can be so sure about the answer:

1. The possibility of a blog like this leading into temptation/ bayhayai/ zana is like saying talking to a woman about your personal matters or perhaps just talking to her WILL lead into adultery. I believe the possibility of adultery always exists in any situation. A Muslim is supposed to avoid being alone with a woman, yes, in a private place, but not avoid talking to her in public or even corresponding with her one-to-one long-distance, as far as I know.

Blogs are two-edged swords as everything else in the world is...but on a danger-of-adultery scale of 1-10, I would put them at 2-3 which is very realistic.

Even reading books written by women then is more dangerous, no?

Dumb Maulvi...
bhai that is why they say "log bhant bhant kay"
Usman is right in saying that like everything blogging has got its ills and not so ills.
But spreading adultery scale my opinion 1. Unless ofcourse blog is used for this perticular purpose. in which case anything can be why blame blogs then.
but i think we must ask the maulana to expand on his view. maybe he meant something different.
also i think his apprehehnsion is based on the general tendency of our youth to use internet to ill afects. point in case the net cafe scandal. i think he is over simplifying thigs by taking into account the general ability of internet being used in wrong sense here in Pakistan by the youth who keep the internet cafe alive.
Shariahboard is known to a bunch of people around me, and when they're
feeling bored, they often go there and laugh at the answers.

Nevertheless, the real problem here is not with the answer, but with the
questioner. He starts out by asking about blogs in general, and then spends a whole paragraph describing only certain types of blogs. He should have said that there are only SOME blogs with such content. It seems to me that the questioner was not asking sincerely - he was just posing the queston to get the answer that he wanted, so that he could wave it around to his friends and declare them all as Haram.

Of course, the one who answered has some faults (more minor than the questioner's) - he should have emphasized that it's wrong depending on motives. Actually, listening to his answer, it does seem he meant just those types of blogs.

I know some of you will still disagree with his answer (even if he put those provisios). I do too, but his stance is not without merit.

If you REALLY want to pick on him, look at some of the other answers he's given on the Web site. Hours of laughter await you.
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