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Sunday, December 25, 2005
  Still feeling the pressure
A plague! A plague on the homes of my college administration! Still no result!

I think I should start doing baddua for them.

Ya Allah! Let them all contract Congo Fever and die horrible deaths from hemodynamic compromise caused by incontrollable hemorrhage from obscure orifices.


In other news today, I’ve become quite the expert on isolated systemic hypertension. I think I literally read 50 articles from studies and journals over the best treatment modalities for elder, diabetic hypertensives. I’m pretty sure an addition of a combination of a thiazide and losartan will get me some results, and that too with good long-term profiles with regards to decreasing strokes and coronary artery disease. When I get the blood pressure down, Inshallah, I’m also going to tack on a statin. The statins have also been proven to reduce end organ complications in diabetic hypertensives.

BTW, one of the largest studies on treatment modalities for hypertension was concluded a couple of months ago. To generalize, it found that the combination of Ca Channel Blockers with ACE Inhibitors turned out to be the best in terms of decreasing morbidity and mortality from complications due to hypertension. This is quite a departure from the traditional belief that first and second line drugs should be diuretics and beta-blockers.  
As far as my knowledge serves me sir, i think u r right on target. And yes i do not agree with JNC 7's recomendations for thiazaide to be first line drugs. nonetheless they do work and pretty well.
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