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Monday, December 19, 2005
  Results news, writing news, and tips on healthy eating
I’ve received word now that our result will not be out before the 25th of this month. It seems there is not much that limits the incompetence and inefficiency of our college authorities. I’m sure they’re trying to break new ground and reach new heights of ineptitude, it’s a hard-fought battle to be sure – to sustain a certain level of moronic disorganization and strive to reach new horizons in it, but I’m sure they are trying their best.

If I sound a wee bit bitter, it’s because I am. I’ve seen little professionalism during my days in Peshawar and there seems to be no end in sight. Two months will have passed since the end of the exam before the result will finally be out. I’ve practically put my life on hold, waiting to hear of the result before taking the breaks off, but this doesn’t seem the right way to go about my business. After all I’ll have to study after Step 1 for the Step 2 CK exam, and during the CK prep, the Step 1 result will be pending and on my mind. If I can’t deal with pressure now, how will I cope then; or any other time when I’m required to stand and deliver in the face an uncertain future.

I need to be tough on myself. I have to stop being a wimp and tell myself to be strong.

One good thing I’ve always thought about my experiences in Peshawar is that if I can make it there, I can make it anywhere!

Some good bit of news is the publication of an article of mine in a prominent publication. My father read it and really loved it. I often have to fight with the editors of the publication for my money, which sooner or later (almost always later) I finally get. But it’s not about the money, or the small degree of fame, or the delight in being recognized, or seeing my name in print… heck! why am I lying - it’s all about that! Guts and Glory baby! Guts and Glory!  

Seriously, these articles will make a nice addition in my CV. These and other publications of mine will help present me as a well rounded individual, which can help in garnering those precious interview calls for my residency. That, and of course, my charming personality. Hehehehe…

The other day, I was out for a nice healthy walk when I decided to get some samosay to reward myself for being so health-conscious. As the vender gave my a big bag of samosay, one of the samosay sitting in the big tray in his stand was knocked over and fell to the ground. I stood there to see what he’d do, and right in front of me, seemingly oblivious to any sense of decency, he wiped some of the greasy, muddy glop that the samosay was smeared with when it was on the ground and put it right back on the tray. He was careful to position the tray so next time he wouldn’t knock against it. He obviously thought he was being very thoughtful. I stood there staring at him, my own bag of samosay in my arms, all paid for.

He turned to look at me. “Thank you sir,” he said warmly.

Needless to say, I thought about throwing the samosay away right then and there and giving him a piece of my mind. That feeling lasted about 2 seconds, after which I walked away, munching away at my delicious samosay. I was hungry!
LOL @ samosay!
Great news regarding the publication...i look forward to reading your articles one i get donw with the exam...
I don't think it would be a consolation but my results were announced three months after the professional and i wasn't even in Pak...
praying for your result...it will all be good...inshallah!
u got an article published great news man. may i request his majesty the great doctor pak to honour us with the read of that article as soon as possible.
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Zak sahib, ma kho akhpal college baray kay zikr nethay kerray. Sarai poi she kana mara. Zikr neh kawal ghwarum! Khair bia yum: pinzuh kala ka faragh shwa um.
poyshum alaka..lol bya dhasay uka zma bal comment delete kawa..
plural : samosay
singular: samosa
lol@DrPak...is that pushto? A different language...!
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