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Monday, December 26, 2005
  A Red Letter Day
I was sleeping, having very restful dreams when I hear a knocking on my door. I had insomnia last night and slept late so I was still sleeping till 11am. I thought maybe my mother was concerned about my still being asleep – my parents are always paranoid about leaking gas heaters. So I get up to unlock the door (keeping it locked so no one can disturb me, especially my two little nephews) and my mother rushes in and says, “Congratulations! You passed!” Even has she starts to kiss me, my groggy mind still hasn’t taken it in.

“Wha…?” I say.

“You passed! F just called from Peshawar. The result is out and you both passed!” F being my fiancé.

I break into a smile, as my mother ecstatically repeats this simple fact. The weight of the news is too much to let it be after saying it just once. This needs to be shouted from the rooftops. Both my fiancé and I passed with good marks. My parents are very proud of both of us. Two doctors have just been added to this family.  

I’ve been calling people and people have been calling me. It’s been a frantic morning. I haven’t showered or anything. I guess I better go and get fixed up. There is much to celebrate!
ombaraksha! I guess the threat of a plague worked..!
Congrats, dude...u deserve it! Welcome to Hell!
congratz.glad it finally happened before u completly lost it
My sincerest congratulations!
Oh wow...loads n loads of congratulations!!!
Mabrook. khushi manao aur phir dobara say kam main lag jao.anyways glad that your result is out and that both of you have passed.
and as ramiz would say i his post match awards ceremony "congratulations to the winning captain and commiserations for the loosing captain!" Enjoy dude before it fades
Thanks guys. I'm glad it's finally over and done with. You must have all started to get really sick of me whining about the result so much. I started this blog because of my final year exam. Now the result is out. All that hard work finally paid off. Wow... Time sure flies.
A belated congratulations!!!!!
Great news....an achievement in its own right...:)...
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