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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
  Quake Quivers
I’ve gone back to my nocturnal routine. It wasn’t planned or anything. The other night, I couldn’t get to sleep, so I stayed up till 6 am or thereabouts. Rumor has it that the Result will not be out before the 20th, so I guess I have to stretch my patience for another week.

Last night, there was an earthquake at 2:52am local time. It started off as very mild shaking, making me stop and wonder if there really was an earthquake or if I was just imagining it. Silently, but steadily, the shaking grew stronger until there was no doubt and my heart beat and blood pressure reached the stratosphere. I just sat there thinking it’d be a minor affair of an aftershock, but it was unrelenting. It went on and on for about a minute until I finally got up, turned off the gas heater in my room and went out, not sure what to do. Everyone was asleep and no one had gotten up, but I just stood there, outside my room like an idiot waiting it for to pass. I couldn’t go outside because the doors and gates of our house are so thoroughly locked down, it would take a couple of minutes to open them all. Also, there was the dilemma of going to all the rooms and waking everyone up and having them come out with me. Afterall, if you’re caught standing outside the house in a quake and you’ve abandoned the rest of your family inside, that wouldn’t make you the most honorable person in the universe. It’s a weird situation to be in, because waking everyone up would take at least a minute, if I did it really fast. Then I’d have to unlock the doors to the outside, and that would take another minute or two. So if I did everything I was supposed to in a timely fashion, I’d be out of the house in two minutes flat after the quake hit. I’m pretty certain that if the roof were going to fall over my head, it would take less than two minutes (120 seconds) to do so – so what’s the point? Heck, I can't even jump out the window and say it was a ‘reflex’ because there are bars on the windows, and even if there weren’t, there’s a 30 foot drop to the ground to consider. It’d make a fine story if I had a broken leg from trying to get out of the house during an earthquake.

Anyway, this quake wasn’t an aftershock, it was a whole new one with a 6.7 magnitude and epicenter in the Hindu Kush mountains some 400 kilometers from Islamabad.

I just read that Stanley Williams was executed not half and hour ago. It’s kind of sad. I’m not against the death penalty, but I can’t really fathom a justice system that lets a man’s fate dangle in the balance for 26 years before the death penalty he is sentenced to is finally carried out. I’d think such procrastination and uncertainty would be a fate worse than death. Either you kill him or commute the sentence, just do it quickly - to be forced to live on death row for 26 years, that’s just cruel.  
Same dillemma i had to go through last night. strange isnt it!!!
hey dude..just got my net connection back up...finally settled in lahore...and beginning to werry abt starting my step tayyaree...will be updatin soon..so watch out...
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