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Monday, December 05, 2005
  Note to self.
When your feeling really scared of how slow your going… when your worried your going to fail… when you feel like you won’t make it… when the books seem to daunt the shit out of you… when you feel that sick sense of impending doom…

… just stop thinking, block it all out, open the your book and start reading, casting all other thoughts to the wind. Afterall, no matter how far back you are, or how slow you are, or how bad your preparation is, its better to keep moving rather than be standing still.  
How apt!!!But you know what...it doesn't always work out that way...and at times it is best to take some time off....will you feel guilty?sure you will!...but you'd make sure that you put in that extra bit the next day and it will all be good...hope the studying was better today!
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