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Sunday, December 11, 2005
  Impatiently waiting
I felt really tense today in the afternoon as the impending final year exam result comes out any day now. The worst is not knowing when it’ll be out. What really kills me is the thought that I’ll be informed by someone that the result is out and then have to wait for a few hours while someone checks my roll number and tells me how I did. Oh, the agony of that wait. Few things, if anything,  in my life will probably squeeze the life out of me more than that dreaded wait. What I’d love is to get a call telling me all at once that I’ve passed and come through with flying colors – to have the news come unexpectedly and out of the blue, over before its begun. Otherwise, the experience is like witnessing an animated debate between two torturers as they discuss how best to inflict you with pain. If you’re going to torture me, get on with it, dammit! I had to take some propranolol to get the tremors and palpitations to stop (I’m such a wimp, I know).

I think I’ve done very well in this exam. I’ve gone through 4 sets of finals from this college, and with my vast experience at failing, I can gauge, with a seasoned eye, how I did in this exam, relative to my other less illustrious attempts at passing exams. When I sit down and think of it rationally, every time I tell myself that there is no way that you’ll fail this time around. I didn’t make any of my previous mistakes in this exam. I rose to the occasion in each of the nine papers and then again in the corresponding vivas. Still, when you’ve been what I’ve been through, you tend not to trust fate anymore. A good result will go a long way into re-establishing my trust in the cosmos, so to speak.

Well, Richard Pryor has croaked. I have some of his stuff on my computer. I also watched Live at Sunset Blvd about a year ago. As far as stand-up comics go, I think Eddie Murphy was the absolute master. His Delirious concert should be preserved as a ‘Culturally Significant’ work of art. It is quite simply a masterpiece. Unfortunately, Delirious introduced me to stand-up comedy and subsequently ruined all other acts for me, because none could compare to it. I thought all stand-up acts must be as good as this, but was sadly disappointed. I’ve gone through Chris Rock, Robin Williams, Lenny Bruce, Martin Lawrence (who is horrible!) and Richard Pryor. No one compares to Eddie Murphy in Delirious. For all you guys, if you haven’t watched this, go get it. It’s out on DVD now after all these years. For all the girls, you can watch the Ya Ya Sisterhood or something like that. Delirious, is a little uhhh, unsofostikated, if you catch my drift.
eddie murphy grew up watching and imitating richard pryor. he's the original. :)

and yes, "delirious" kicks serious ass.

`jen (from medschoolblues.com)
best of luck!
Best of Luck man. InshaAllah ewverything will be just alright. Have faith
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