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Saturday, December 03, 2005
  For those looking for the Kaplan Step 1 and Step 2 CK DVDs
To date, I’ve had more than a dozen google referrals from people who are searching for the Step 1 and Step 2 CK Kaplan USMLE DVD lectures. For all those people I’d like to tell you what I can regarding them.

In case you dropped into this blog entry from a search engine, let me say that I live in Pakistan. The Kaplan DVD lectures have been available here as far back as early 2004. If they were around sooner, I hadn’t heard of it. In Pakistan, these DVDs are pretty easy to find. You’d definitely find them in Karachi, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Lahore. If you’ve got any friends living there, contact them and let them ask around any book store close to a medical college. That would be a great place to start looking.

Rumor has it that the DVDs are going to disappear soon because of this new wild thing called kopyright, it could be copyrite, I’m not sure. It’s quite a radical new concept. Anyway since I bought the DVDs a year ago, I’m not up to date on how easy it is to find them these days.

In my opinion, the Step 2 CK lectures, which I used when I was in final year, are very, very good and no matter how good a student you have been, going through the lecture notes without the actual lectures for the Step 2 CK will probably be more painful. Don’t miss out on them.

In contrast the Step 1 DVDs aren’t as good because the lectures are far more didactic and dry. They don’t add all that much to the material in the books but the lectures do teach them to you and so makes you go faster. If you’re the lazy type who needs to have things spoon-fed to you, like me, then the lectures are a great way of going through the 2700 pages of the Kaplan notes while someone is holding you hand and making soothing baby noises so you don’t get too scared.

Anyone going through USMLE forums should know about Goljan by now. If you don’t, then look him up. I have never heard a lecturer praised as much as this guy and I finally got his pathology lectures off Ebay. I strongly recommend you do the same. There’s a seller on Ebay called Christmasgift, or something who sells them (along with a ton of other material) for a measly 3 dollars, all burnt into a couple of DVDs. He’s a very reliable seller and I’d recommend him.
Hey...interesting entries..your blog might just motivate me to start my own..:)..
I hope you do. There arn't too many of them that deal with the daily day to day grind in the blogsphere. I haven't been doing that myself lately, but that's cuz my studying really sux these days. If I don't pick up tomorrow I'm sure to do something drastic to myself. Cut off a finger or an ear or something. Anything to get my out of this rut I'm in!
I did!
I can identify with being erratic in posting...one really can't help it especially when the studying isn't going as planned!!Just had a horrible day myself!!
From what i guage from your posts i think you seem to be doing pretty ok...and it certainly doesn't merit doing something drastic...hope you have an amazingly productive day tomorrow!Good luck!
You and me both. I'll tell you what. I'll definately post about the exact nature of my progress tomorrow. You do the same. Knowing you have to tell the whole world exactly how you spent ur day might urge you on to keep u hunched over them books.
Ever thought about giving PLAB instead?
The PLAB route is a very bad option. The number of of jobless South Asian doctors currently living in the UK off their poor parent's hard earned savings is alarming. Have a visit to any forum for PLAB doctors in the UK and read what they're talking about. It makes for very depressing reading.
Hey thanks for the ebay link. Altough i wouldnt be listening to pathology lectures but the things that come with it are ice or atleast they seem to be worthwhile.
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