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Monday, December 05, 2005
  Everything's eventual
Time passes by so quickly, it’s almost surreal. Sometimes I feel as if I’m going through a summery of someone else’s life. Everything’s predictable. Mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights. All have their hues and colors in the view outside my window, and it always looks the same. Then I sleep. Then I awake. It’s the same old thing. If medicine advances so the stage where our life spans can be stretched to over 200 years, would I even want to live that long? I’m 25 years old, but I feel aged.

It’s strange how our lives can seem to pass by paradoxically so quickly and so slowly. Slowly when we think of all that’s left to be accomplished. Quickly when we look back at all the ground we’ve covered.

Since long I’ve thought of this world as a matrix-like unreal world that God has placed us in to test our moral strengths. Soon, this world will pass and we’ll move over to another plane of existence. Some of us will go to a good place, others to a bad place. This world will cease to be anymore and we’ll all look back at the infinite worries we had during our stay here and think we were only dreaming. Our time here will seem so short and our worries so petty. We’ll wonder how we ever managed to be so preoccupied with a life that was bound to end, heedless of what was to come.

Time seems to be playing tricks with me.  
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