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Saturday, December 17, 2005
  Bloggin' on joggin'
I'm cooped up in my room the whole day, hardly ever venturing outside. I think I need to start jogging again. Sitting down so much in one place can't be too good for the cardiovascular system. It's a marvel I haven't developed DVT yet. Well, the result isn't out yet. A few more days maybe. Maybe tomorrow. Don't really know.

Today basically sucked. The studying really wore me down and got me depressed. I think a jog in the evenings (as opposed to early mornings), when it's not so cold will do wonders to lift my spirits and also force me to get my bum outside on a regular basis. Being caged up in one place for so long can be unhealthy in both body and mind.

I don't have any deep meaningful thoughts for you all today. Well actually I do, but I lack the energy to write them down. I'm really tired and yawning enormously as I bang away at my keyboard. One thing I will say though, is that this blog has become very dear to me. I love being able to write here - to work out my thoughts, ponder over the day, self-examine and all that stuff. Often, I get ideas to improve myself or do things differently while I'm writing. For instance, realizing I had a problem with the internet and deciding to take the cable out were ideas that popped up while I was writing. Afterwards, having publicly stated that I'd take the cable out, I followed through and it worked!

Let's hope I start jogging again too… I really do need to start.
Just don't blog while you jog.

Does anyone read Terms of Services? I'm one of those who do. Once I ordered high speed Internet (DSL), and was reading their terms of service. They had a clause along the lines of:

"Customer agrees not to use this service while in a car, riding a bicycle, skateboarding or jogging."

Oh dear. What use is high speed Internet if I can't check my email while jogging?
Now what kind of a dumb service is that? Still, it doesn't say anything about swimming. Guess you could still take a dip in the pool and surf the net as well.
or bunjie jumping for that matter!!!!
mara chill maro sarey...i am beginning to develop a second chin fer christsakes...and u are alkin abt DVT and all...
anyways i have officially started studying fer the MLE properly and with time...speed sucks, but too many things do, no?

P.S. Will post my own version of the MLE truth very soon...
Ay Usman guru, welcome to the wicked fold of USMLErs, where we struggle with our books, our fears, our deadlines and our 1 minute concentration spans!

Do post soon so that we may be enlightened to the Truth!
BTW, I still haven't started jogging!
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