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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
  Words of wisdom
My parents are off to the village for a visit, and my bhabi is taking the kids off to a wedding. It’ll just be me and my two older brothers in the house till Sunday. A whole pile of food has been stored away in the fridge for us by the good women of the house. We’re expected to keep the place reasonably clean, although the ladies smirked when saying that, as if the notion was ludicrous.

Its early morning here in Islamabad. Another day has just started and my USMLE prep is not going according to track at all. I’ve written much on the topic of studying. When all this studying is finally over, and I stop making such big demands from my brain, then hopefully, this daily self-bashing will stop and I’ll begin to feel better about myself. Till then, the whip will always be cracking and I will almost never be totally satisfied with the day’s work.

A friend of mine, who got a 99 in his Step 1, once told me never to wait for the day when I’d actually feel like studying. That day will never come, he said emphatically. Another friend of mine, who got a double 99, once said that if you’re studying and you’re always enjoying it, then you’re not really studying. I’ll take these words of wisdom with me today and try to get my 30 pages done.
almost every student has these problems and i thot making a website abt this wud b a gr8 idea but tht ws a long time ago,so it just remained one of the several ideas tht never made it.u must have seen students in ur educational career who werent so gud but strtd studying well at once out of appretly no reason and gud students who cudnt do gud nemore.i dnt think it has anything much to do with intelligene at all.its just ur life style tht matters the most.wht do u think? personally i always find it helpful to tell myself tht knowledge is the real power n when i finish studying sumthng i will know more then other ppl.works for me
rai not a bad idea. and yes it is a good incentive to study by telling urself that knowledge is power.
and dr saaab the trick of the trade is to never let the burden overwhelm you. just keep your pace and put in your best thats all.
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