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Monday, November 21, 2005
  What a woman wants...
My spirits were high today. I ploughed through some tough material and enjoyed the process. (Incidentally, there was also a minor earthquake here in the afternoon, which like all quakes I’ve experienced, scared the shit out of me.) I’ve stumbled across the wikipedia biochemistry section to discover to my present surprise that its got tones of relevant material for me to use as reference. I’m doing biochemistry these days and some of the stuff is murky so it helps to have a good reference to look into. The work suddenly seems a lot more interesting, and although I’m going painfully slow and have to speed up soon, I think I’ve turned the corner. I’ll be doing much better from now on, inshallah. The hours seem to whiz by as I grind away in this chair but I don’t find it very dreary anymore.

My fiancé however, was having a rough time of it. She’s my class fellow. She lives in Peshawar and she’s taking the steps with me. The dream is to score well together, get married soon after the steps and go for our interviews together, getting matched as a couple. She’s been very depressed and anxious the last couple of days. She thinks it study blues, but I know her well - its nothing more than PMS. My fiancé is the sweetest girl, and I love her for it, but when she has PMS, boy oh boy… sparks will fly. I’ve learnt over the last year or so that whenever she gets into these phases, the best way to help her is to give her some attention, to let her know I love her and I’m there for her. As sweet as she is, that’s all she needs. She was feeling really upset all evening, sending me desperate SMSs until I finally called her up and talked to her for about an hour. I just chatted her up, talked about sweet nothings and before I knew it, an hour had passed. Impoverished that I am, my mobile credit took a big beating and I’ll have to scour around for funds to get a new card soon. But it was worth it, she was very happy after the call and she’ll go to sleep soundly now - and so will I.
err, my man, u mite want to never mention PMS or ur fiance's mood swings on this blog again...i dunno how cool she is with this but girls tend to be really really touchy abt certain issues...
besides, u mite receive anonymous or whatever comments abt ur girl here and u dont want that...
just a friendly suggestion...
That's the sort of freedom anonymity will buy you. Its good to talk about stuff. All kinds of stuff, and if you can talk about certain 'embaressing' stuff anonymously, I say, go for it.

Random anonymous comments from morons on my blog won't bug me, I could just zap them away, and from my experience women arn't really that shy about periods and PMSs. Its not like they're committing a crime or anything.
really must b the stress of med studies taking its toll on u.i guess this blog is like ur tree u hv to tell evrything tht happens around ur life.like in tht old childhood story(not sure if u hv heard it).
i might try it myself eh,make an anonymous blog and share my bowel timings with the whole damn world.oo i just blew my cover,might as well forget it.anyway man its ur anony blog write wht u want.

Reading blogs and blogging itself does teach you many things. You get an inside peek into other people's sentiments on different issues.

Guys, guys... women have periods okay. And they have PMS. Don't worry, it's okay, its not contagious. Let's all be big boys here now. Seriously...

But what did u all learn then? If a woman has PMS, be nice to her. It's a life lesson boys. I'm giving you gold here...
Funny how the only two readers that felt uncomfortable enough about my post to comment were guys. After Usman's post I was half expecting to hear something critical from Niqbai. Hey, Niqabi will you back me up here?
lol@usman...well I'd agree with him! Most of the girls 'are' most certainly touchy talking about PMS...with men. Its innate, really unless you're trying REALLY hard to sound like a liberal feminist or some sort of liberal maniac. But, it varies. If it becomes 'fashionable' to talk abt such stuff which it kinda is, girls would follow blindly, I'm sure.
'Its not like they're committing a crime or anything.'

Not at all a crime! But its not sommet to splash around the world I think. Although the advice you gave is valuable. Good job Miss Fiance`!
Thanks Niqabi for that invaluable feminist viewpoint. BTW, I think I should mention that my fiance doesn't know about this blog. Only one person knows who I am, and I can trust him to keep his mouth shut.

Yes, I do know that PMS and periods are not topics one talks about in a canteen over a coke and chips. One of the things I like about blogs is the license to say personal stuff you wouldn't otherwise have said. I never mentioned my fiance's PMS with anyone in person. I wouldn't. But all's fair in an anonymous blog.

Listen up Usman, my advise is valuable... we're giving you gold here son...lolzz...
'invaluable feminist viewpoint'- just wondering, what do you think abt feminists? We're studying about them in detail these days and to tell you the truth I find them to be completely out of their minds. I know this statement seems biased, but seriously if I start to post the theories they come up with, you'd literally laugh at their impractical ideas.
Niqbai, by 'feminist' I meant to say 'a girl's viewpoint'. It was the wrong word to use, I guess.

My understanding of the whole feminism movement is based in light of what the Al-Mawrid guys had to say on "equal rights" for women. I posted the link earlier. It's:


I think it does a splendid job of explaining how the feminist movement came about and how it was a response to Christainity's concept of women's equality. Go through it, I'm sure it will contribute to your study of the subject. Let me know what you think.
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